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I've been sick for the better part of the last month and I went to a walk in clinic today and got some antibiotics, it's a big relief. this illness has been fucking me up. my sleeping schedule is all over the place. most of all I want that to be normal again. I haven't been using myfitnesspal because I am not sure when to end or start a new "day" because of my stupid sleep patterns.

my dad picked up a cold from his work it seems. he finally went to a doctor last week and was told he had a lower respiratory infection. hopefully since he got meds he will be better once the course is over, it may be over now even. but i'm pretty sure I got sick from him :P

it started like a regular cold. had a sore throat for 2 or 3 days, then congestion, then coughing... the other problems have sorted themselves out but the coughing has come and gone. I was sick at least a week before christmas. last week I had been up for like 20 hours because laying down was extremely uncomfortable with being able to feel the junk in my lungs. I finally passed out and slept from like 1pm to midnight and only got up because I needed to take my birth control. I felt much better and could no longer feel stuff in my lungs. I felt amazing lol.

but it came back a few days ago :( and, a sharp pain my left side/breast area when I cough. maybe I pulled a muscle? but this was the straw that broke the camel's back. I decided I would go to a doctor either today or friday since this is clearly not a viral cold ._.

I left home around 10am today to catch a seviper in pokemon go. since I was already more than halfway to kroger, I decided to go. I walked by the urgent care place and considered going in. by the time I was done in kroger, it was pouring rain outside... so I figured I should get looked at and wait for the rain to stop.

the place was more spacious than it appeared from the outside, I was surprised. overall my experience was positive, everyone was friendly though it felt rushed. as my mom said "it is an URGENT care" lol. the nurse weighed me, got my blood pressure and temperature super quick. the doctor came and saw me in less than 10 min probably. she concluded that I have bronchitis... so she gave me a z-pack, some cough supressant, and a steroid shot.

it was a different person who gave me the shot. and it felt like the whole exchange happened in less than 1 or 2 minutes. he basically came in, poked me and left in a flash. he was jokey and silly with me though. he told me i might feel like I got punched in the arm for like 5 min after. I had asked him where the shot will go. he said arm or hip if I want. I told him I am walking home so I'll take it in the arm. "ah, you don't have to walk with your arms right?" haha

as I left I was talking to the receptionist about something I forgot to mention to the doctor. the guy who gave me the shot came in from a back room and sat at desk asking how I felt after the shot. I said I did feel like I got punched, but it's better to feel like I got punched in the arm than in the butt.

the thing I forgot to mention was the matter of a sore on the inside of my lip that has been there for at least 1 whole month maybe 2. I think it might be a canker sore? rather than being red like a cold sore it's just like a little bubble. but it keeps. coming. back. and it's pisses me off. probably in part because I keep poking it with my tongue. I have tried popping it and even completely scraped it off one night. it felt like it was healing. but it was back within a day... v__v I hope the antibiotics will take care of it.

I like that they gave me a z-pack. one of the last antibiotic courses I took was a capsule filled with powder. I managed to BURP most of it OUT OF MY NOSE on a few of the doses. fucking nasty. and it took 10 days to take the entire course. the z-pack will take 4 days I think and I only need to take it once a day. AND it's a tablet. also, I asked the doctor for a diflucan in case my body responds negatively to the bacteria being killed off everywhere. so I have one of those just in case :P

I didn't pick up the cough syrup but i'm not worried about it. I just wanted the antibiotics. I'll pick it up when I get my birth control. this lines up perfectly since I will be taking my placebo pills starting tonight. so the antibiotics won't be interfering.

I forgot to mention how the walls seemed a bit thin. I overheard the doctor telling a patient next door what they would be getting. in fact it was almost exactly the same stuff I got. but they also needed meds for bacterial vaginosis. I felt bad for overhearing :s I bet others could hear me talking to the doctor too but whatevs :P

as I was waiting for my stuff to be ready at the pharmacy I played some pokemon go in the area, it felt nice to be out doing stuff. mfp says I walked 13k steps today which is many times more than I have gotten lately. besides the light rain, the weather was great, I was wearing my lightest jacket and sweating. in january. it was like almost 60 degrees. just last week we were in the negatives. I bought myself an icee and walk sipping on it as I was walking around and was feeling fine c:

I found a rock too while I was out which made me happy. this seems to be a thing going around different cities. I have found a halloween themed rock in this same place before. it also just so happened to be a few days after halloween, and in the rain. I wonder how long it was sitting there? but I love finding these, seems we have some artists in the community :)

since it's getting dark outside now I think I might lay down. my last sleep was somewhere between 3am and 7am and it is now almost 6pm. I hope soon I will be back to consistently sleeping for 8+ hours at a time and being able to make it through a single day without a nap or two -_-

♥ x ♥ x ♥ x ♥

{this is the sticky post that everyone will see when they visit my journal. it needs some editing, obviously.}

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was this profusion
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and i going
and i’m coming in now
And i feel it
cannot be nowhere now
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splendid confusion
and i'm going
and i'm coming in now
and i feel it
cannot be nowhere now
and i go
here i am
where I go? i cannot say
you are me and you are where i am


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