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Apr. 8th, 2015

I just wanted to make a post with my birthdate lol

Jan. 9th, 2014

Unfortunately 2014 hasn't been nearly as awesome as it seemed on january first. since then I got my period (went off it today) and seem to have caught a nasty cough. Everyone in my house is sick. :( Earlier my mom was in bed taking a nap, she just.. doesn't do that, so it felt weird coming downstairs and she wasn't there, but everyone else was. she came downstairs a few times but was in bed for most of the evening, and she went to bed for the night like an hour or two before she usually does. Poor mommy. :(

So we're all feeling like crap. But ryan got my camera working again, and I'm happy about that. :D I haven't used it in probably 2 years. Hearing it power on was like hearing the voice of an old friend. XD
Ryan figured out that his PSP charger also works with my camera. and recently, he found a cord that fits the camera in the junkyard, one to hook it up to the computer. Hooking the camera up to the computer is a bitch to do though, it's a miracle if it wants to connect.

He's a sweetie :* picture taken WITH MY CAMERA!!!1

edit: want to see an adorable video?

Sep. 21st, 2013

I took an old, holey pair of jeans and cut off 95% the legs, leaving me with very short shorts. I've never had a pair of short shorts before. ^^; they are surprisingly VERY comfortable. I took them off and put on my regular shorts and felt constricted. I would not wear them outside of my room, but they are very comfy and maybe sexy? :P

My period started yesterday. Yesterday was a good day as was today. There is a little bit of negative feelings because of ryan's mom saying things on facebook. I kinda wonder sometimes if she wishes it was stephanie in my place. stephanie has got things figured out. I, well... don't. anyway, it's a situation i'm not sure how to explain and don't really want to right now since I had managed to get myself into a good mood.

Anyway, period started yesterday -_- I noticed that I can't really tell my body's signals apart, or cramps drown it out. Am I hungry or do I have cramps? am I full or do I have cramps? Do I need to take a shit or do I have cramps? Sometimes I feel a combination or just really can't tell. I ate nearly an entire burrito bowl earlier, and was getting a feeling, but it felt like it was either a very full or very hungry feeling, and I couldn't tell. I can GUESS it was fullness because I had eaten a lot of food at that point :P but I was very hungry up until I started eating.

Speaking of burritos, I applied at hot head burritos a little while ago. We were eating, and I thought "I could eat this every day and not get tired of it. wouldn't it be great if I worked there and possibly got a free employee meal, or got deals for my family (my dad is a junkie)?" So I applied. I have no idea if they're hiring or not, but what the hell.

Sep. 1st, 2013

well it's Ryan's birthday now. :P but he went to bed at 11:30. he was sleepy.

I made the peanut butter cups and they didn't come out as well as the could have, but they still taste very good. I didn't take any pics, I think I will tomorrow. or if I go downstairs again after finishing writing this. they are sitting in the fridge.

well, I was naughty... we had sex unprotected. -_- I saw a cracked article that said condoms are 98% effective when used correctly. and withdrawl method is 96% effective. still, 4% of a chance is too high! But, I am pretty sure I am saved, an hour or so after I went to the bathroom to see my period is here. D: bad timing. we will be at his parents for his birthday party monday. I was heavy on my flow last time we were there too. D;

we were going to go to kings island today because they have $1 stuff. but ryan slept through the day and it rained for hours in the evening. maybe we will stop by there today? I need to go shopping though. need feminine items and kitty litter among other things i'm sure I'm forgetting right now. we have some pads but they are not long enough, they're ones my mom picked up for my sister to use. my little sister going through puberty... ;-;

last night I was washing my hands at the kitchen sink when I realized there was a praying mantis walking on the window outside. :P now, i'm not sure how it was doing that. I would think the glass would be too slippery. last night I assumed it was walking on the screen window but I don't think so now. Also earlier me and ryan were out on the porch watching the rain and we saw a hummingbird! :D first one i've seen all summer. I thought it was odd to be seeing one at a time like that.

I was a little peeved that we ended up not doing anything today also because I could have went out and had a little exercise but didn't do it, figuring we would be walking around an amusement park. today was bad, no exercise and had a lot of sweet stuff.

I got a call from ryan around 7am when he arrived here from work and needed me to let him in. I got up, and was downstairs seconds later. I was feeling awful hunger pains. so bad that if I didn't get some food in me quickly, I might be sick. it felt awful and it's not the first time. I was wondering if this is because I went from sleeping soundly to walking around in such a short time. my cat can wake me up and I can lay there for an hour fighting to go back to sleep, feeling hungry, but not sickeningly hungry like that. *shrug* anyone else had that kind of feeling?

lately I have not been sure if my activity level is correct on myfitnesspal. you can gauge your activity depending on how often you are moving around during the day, and also by how much you exercise. I spend a lot of time sitting on my butt, so I have it at sedentary. I have it set at exercise 3 times a week, but I don't know what they consider exercise... big burns of 500-1000 calories per session? my daily walk will burn between 100-200, I have been averaging 200-something including my bike ride. I am usually okay with staying in or around my deficit but I sometimes have to dip into exercise calories too. it makes me feel uncomfortable when I see i've grossed 1600-1800 calories, but netted around my goal (1540) so I guess it's okay. *shrug* I JUST DON'T KNOW LOL. as long as I am not exceeding my TDEE, i'm good. and if I do, it's not the end of the world. :P i've only done that once since i've started logging my food. vodka, I love that you insisted that I start using myfitnesspal. having the app is so gosh darn handy and easy. *hugs iphone*

okay. i've rambled enough for one night. :P

edit: I took a picture XD

♥ x ♥ x ♥ x ♥

{this is the sticky post that everyone will see when they visit my journal. it needs some editing, obviously.}

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paints the sky
was a fearsome joy
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now i’m pouring sweetness
That i served inside
was this profusion
and [wanted] it fills me up
was this profusion
and [wanted] it fills me up
and i going
and i’m coming in now
And i feel it
cannot be nowhere now
and i go
here i am
where i go? i cannot say
you are me and you are where i am
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they swarm around inside
they hope to seek revenge
slowly suffocate
in a bliss fragrance my core atomises
deep in me gardenias bloom
(pop!) for you
splendid confusion
hornets swarm inside
pounds against refusion
splendid confusion
and i'm going
and i'm coming in now
and i feel it
cannot be nowhere now
and i go
here i am
where I go? i cannot say
you are me and you are where i am


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